Tuesday June 27, 2017

AERO HUNTER Lineman's Belt


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The AERO Lineman’s Belt is used with your own climbing sticks or steps, to ascend a tree for hunting. (For use with a climbing saddle such as Aero Hunter Evolution, not included.)

The Lineman’s Belt is a 10 foot length of climbing rope. On one end, the rope should be tied to a side D on your saddle belt, using a figure 8 on a bight. On the other end, a Blake's Hitch friction knot is tied on the rope; there is a stopper knot tied at the end of the rope for security. We provide a double-locking carabiner to be clipped to the Blake's Hitch, to connect the rope to the other D ring on your belt. You can adjust the length of the Lineman's Belt by sliding the rope through the Blake's Hitch.

The rope is threaded through a sleeve that protects both the rope and the tree from abrasion damage, and adds a little weight and stiffness for easy handling.

Rope: Samson Predator 7/16” diameter double braid climbing rope, rated 6,000 lbs
Carabiner: Rock Exotica double locking, rated 6000 lbs
Blake's Hitch: Samson Rope 9mm Accessory Cord, rated 4300 lbs.

  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs