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The Aero Hunter Tree Strap is used to create a life-safety anchor on the trunk of a tree. (For use with a climbing saddle such as Aero Hunter Evolution, not included.)

The Aero Tree Strap is a length of climbing rope with a stopper knot tied on one end and a large loop tied on the other using a figure 8 on a bight. A Blake's Hitch friction knot is tied on the rope using 9mm accessory cord. You can slide the rope through the hitch to set the length you want for your tree strap. A double locking carabiner is clipped into the Blake's Hitch for safe connection to your saddle belt.

We offer the tree strap in two lengths. The standard length is 6 ft with all knots tied. We also offer it in a 12 ft length for an upgrade charge of $3.50. Please use the menu above to select the length you prefer.

Here's how to choose the best length for you:

It's important to set the tree strap on the trunk so that it does not slip. You can keep it from slipping by 1)wrapping the rope twice around the trunk, or 2)passing the carabiner end of the rope twice through the loop.

--Choose the standard 6 ft strap if you only want a minimum useful length, and your hunting trees are 16" diameter or less.

--If your hunting trees have a diameter greater than 16", or if you want to lock the strap by wrapping it twice on the trunk, go for the longer strap.

Rope: Samson Predator 7/16” diameter double braid climbing rope, rated 6,000 lbs
Carabiner: Rock Exotica double locking, rated 6000 lbs
Prusik sling: Samson Rope 9mm Accessory Cord, rated 4300 lbs.

  • Model: AEROSTRAP
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