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A farewell message from Sophia Sparks

After 38 years of great connections to tree climbers, it’s time for me to retire and close New Tribe for good.

Over the years, we’ve created comfortable, safe climbing saddles and accessories that have opened up the canopies for people who study them, work in them and simply find joy in them.

This has been a challenging and rewarding career. My gratitude is huge for all those who’ve embraced our products, as well as those who’ve supplied our materials, and distributed our goods to their clients and customers. I will miss the hum of sewing machines and the skilled operators who brought excellence to the production shop.

My life is enriched by my fellow climbers who’ve spent time with me in the treetops and become friends. What an awesome community of inspired, knowledgeable, passionate and fun souls.

New Tribe will close on January 31, 2023.

Love to all, at home and at height,
May strong branches lift you up to the light!

Sophia Sparks


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOnyx Gem quality in a professional arborist saddle

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKids Twist The small saddle for kids that grow


New Tribe Onyx is the best ever single bridge arborist saddle. What is Onyx? Nick Araya will tell you. Nick is the trusted expert who evaluates all kinds of arborist gear for climbers. Watch his video review—he can’t find anything bad to say about it.

Onyx is a single bridge saddle that comes in two versions--with a WEBBING BRIDGE or with a ROPE BRIDGE. YOU choose which bridge you want when you buy it.

And it's CONVERTIBLE. For the utmost versatility, our optional bridge conversion kits let you switch from the bridge your Onyx came with to the other kind. Sold separately.

Our famous small tree saddle for kids that grow...

New Tribe TWIST for Kids is bright and so adjustable it can grow as your kid grows, for safe climbing throughout childhood and into the teen years. This is a fine saddle for small adults, too! Twist is the hottest small saddle ever made. It is a favorite with families, tree climbing groups, summer camps, zipline rides, and all kinds of high adventure. You don't have to leave the kids on the ground!


Photos by Fabian S Gonzalez with Turismo Trekana at Jardin Botanico in Vina del Mar, Chile.

See Turismo Trekana on Facebook and on the Web:


---------------------The TREEBOAT Experience

Treeboat is more than just another great piece of outdoor gear. Creating the first Treeboat in 1985 was a watershed event in our livesthat changed how we spent our time outdoors.

It's tremendously satisfying to watch Treeboat change other people's lives the way it did ours. Nothing we own gives us the samefeeling of wealth as the Treeboat, and if we could keep only one thing that New Tribe has ever designed and made, Treeboat would winhands down.

WATCH a Treeboat high canopy setup in action HERE
O  O

The spectacular images above come from climbing groups around the world. Please see New Tribe's LINKS page to learn more about them:

Pacific Tree Climbing Institute, Oregon, USAOOOOOOTree Climbing Planet, Oregon, USA and the World

Tree Climbers International, Atlanta, GA, USAOOOOOCanopy Climbers, Florida, USA

Turismo Trekana, Valparaiso, ChileOOOOOOOOOOOGoodleaf Tree Climbing, Isle of Wight, UK

Tree Climbing Japan, Seto Aichi, JapanOOOOOOOOONew Tribe, Oregon, USA




Working arborists, forest research scientists, tree hunters and recreational tree climbers...New Tribe products are

a boon to anyone who wants to climb a tree, and we've made many good friends in the tree climbing world.

Now we are extending our reach to include everyone who hangs their life on a rope or cable. You are all important to us.


Our purpose is to design and build the highest quality, innovative vertical gear and accessories,

to assist you to choose yours and use it safely, and to conduct our business with integrity.


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