Adventure Hammocks from New Tribe

Strong, Sturdy, Stable, Roomy and Warm

Whether you are heading to the back country or the back yard,

Treeboat Hammocks are made for your next trip!

treeboat hammocks


We originally designed Treeboat for backpacking because we wanted a way to camp that was better than sleeping on hard ground. Weighing almost five pounds, Treeboat isn't your "ultra light" camping gear. But our delight in having living-room comfort out in the wilderness prompted us to say, "It's not heavy, it's my TREEBOAT!"

The four-corner suspension gives Treeboat its remarkable stability, and greatly expands your options for creative rigging whether you have two, three, or four anchor points. With Treeboat, a world of new camping opportunities opens for you because you no longer need flat dry ground to pitch your camp. In fact, Treeboat proved to be strong and stable enough to make even treetop camping a practical reality. Now, Treeboat is the favorite arboreal bed for countless recreational tree climbers around the globe. And it is gaining popularity as well with cyclists, paddlers and backpackers who can set up a cozy camp without concern for rocky, wet or sloping terrain.

Treeboat is more than just another great piece of outdoor gear. Creating the first Treeboat in 1985 was a watershed event in our lives that changed how we spent our time outdoors. It's still tremendously satisfying to watch Treeboat change other people's lives the way it did ours. Nothing we own gives us the same feeling of wealth as the Treeboat, and if we could keep only one thing that New Tribe has ever designed and made, Treeboat would win hands down.

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treeboat hammock




treeboat hammock


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