Wisconsin Tree Climbers

August, 2006

by Tree Climbing Instructor Tim Kovar

Rescue, Rescue, Rescue.

The Facilitator Course focuses on rescue in several different scenarios.

(see more photos below...)

Two members of the Oneida Indian Tribe, Mark Steinbach and Kip Miller, traveled from the Green Bay, Wisconsin area to southern Oregon for a week of training in the finer points of facilitating others into the treetops.


Kip and Mark arrived bright and early on the morning of August 29 for a week of climbing adventures and guidance. We started with a review of basic tree climbing and then jumped into the Facilitator Course content.


After six days of intense training and a graduation climb facilitating others into the canopy, Mark and Kip officially began their facilitator internship. They plan to have some recreational/educational tree climbing programs up and running in time for next year’s summer tribal activities.

A hearty THANKS to Mark and Kip for their devotion to spreading the inspiration of nature to our children of the earth. I am honored to welcome them into this lineage. I am eager to see what kind of magic they will create as they introduce tree climbing to their friends in Wisconsin.

Our training tree, “Ed”, showing us the ropes

Kip branch-walking to retrieve his throw bag.

Mark preparing for a switch-over as Kip looks on.

Kip using DREC and an “in-line” Daisy Rope for positioning.

Kip preparing for his graduation facilitated climb

Opening the climb. Mark and Kip explain how to learn from the trees.

Mark explaining to Kenny how to use

the DRT method of tree climbing.

Kayla's first ascent

Dana, (a Tree Week grad)

came out for an afternoon of tree climbing fun

Happy in the sky chair


Kenny and Wyatt—the smiles say it all.