and How A Great Tree Got Its Name

By Viola Brumbaugh        July 4, 2005

Adventurous Ed and two of his daughters spent a special afternoon celebrating Ed’s 86th birthday up in our Black Walnut tree at Tree Climbing Northwest’s climbing site in Cave Junction, Oregon.

It was a gorgeous warm afternoon and the family arrived at the tree excited to have a chance to see Ed climb.  His daughters ClarySage and Kirsten were there for support and cheer with cameras ready. With several Treeboats in place, and seeing how easy it was for Ed to ascend, the girls gave it a try. Soon they all found themselves aloft laughing and relaxing in Treeboats.  Tim Kovar’s ingenuity and help, with assistance from Viola, made it possible for them all to enjoy the climb in comfort and ease.

The great tree “Ed” is now named in honor of this fun and memorable afternoon.

Tim's assistance getting off the ground

We have lift-off!

With "Hammock" Chest Harness from On Rope One,

Ed ascends in comfort… up he goes!

Light heart aloft

ClarySage en route to her Treeboat nest

Passing his daughter relaxing in the Treeboat,

Ed continues to the top before coming back down

All three aloft and blissful

Ed kicks back

Tim and Ed smile for the camera

Kirsten catches it all on film

Kirsten & ClarySage back down and beaming

Ed, ClarySage, Viola and Tim