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I have led international wilderness expeditions for over fifteen years. I rely on a wide variety of specialized outdoor gear, from folding sea kayaks and bicycles to high-tech navigation systems. My Treeboat has had a more profound impact on my life than anything else I own.


With Treeboat I am truly arboreal—as “at home” in the trees as on the ground—for days on end! I can always count on a great night’s rest and consistent sleeping conditions no matter where I am (unlike with a ground tent). No longer do I need to hike, pedal, or paddle farther than I want to in search of an open, flat spot for camping. As long as there are some trees around—no matter how steep, rocky, or brushy the terrain may be—I am set. I don’t worry about drainage or snowmelt while I am sleeping, and my camping is as low-impact as it gets.


I’ve spent more than five hundred nights in my Treeboat (the highest spot was 300 feet off the ground) and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! There is something so titillating about snuggling down into your sleeping bag while being cradled in the arms of a tree (especially when it is raining or snowing). To this day, I find myself giggling uncontrollably every time I settle in to sleep, and reflect on just where I am. It’s an amazing sensation!

Scott Altenhoff


Arborist, City of Eugene, Oregon

Co-founder, Pacific Tree Climbing Institute

Dear New Tribe,

I just want to tell you I love my TREEBOAT. I am an ISA certified arborist for a private tree company in Vermont. Every year a group of us from work travel to the Five Pond Wilderness area in the Adirondacks to climb the Big Pine. It is officially the 3rd largest White pine in New York but my old professor at the New York Ranger School said it is being contested as number 1. Any way we don’t camp in the pine because there are about ten of us and I am the only one with a TREEBOAT. We camp at a designated campsite and almost all the others bring hammocks to sleep in. One guy even tried to modify his to be more like the TREEBOAT. Any how I just wanted to say thank you for making my camping very comfy. Also I just had my first child so in about four years I’ll be ordering a saddle for him. Keep up the excellent work.

Thanks again,

Bill Murphy

As a long-time recreational tree climber addicted to the natural high of playing above the ground amid the nurturing energy of trees, I used to think about how nothing could top the fun and adventure I was having.  Then I discovered the innovative climbing gear that you people at New Tribe were cooking up on the West Coast.  Soon I was ascending and swinging through the branches with even more ease and ecstasy, thanks to a New Tribe climbing saddle that is a tenth of the weight and triple the comfort of my old one.


But your biggest contribution to my tree-climbing wonder has been the Treeboat Hammock.  All the natural intimacy I’d ever experienced in trees was multiplied exponentially the morning of my first tree camp, 90 feet up in a large white oak leaning out over a fast-running stream.  The rising sun stirred me from a deep, restful sleep induced by the gentle swaying of the big tree. Nearby, squirrels and birds eyed me curiously, and as I lay there peacefully absorbing the sounds and images, feeling completely protected in the forest canopy, I was able at last to taste the freedom experienced by the creatures who live in the wild.

Tom Watson

Atlanta, Georgia

Having introduced over 2,000 people into the world of recreational tree climbing, I notice that the highlight for first-time climbers is when they arrive at their Treeboat and settle in. It is truly a way to spend some quality time aloft in comfort.


With over 200 nights of sleeping in the canopy myself using a variety of different hammocks (army hammocks, portaledges, dryads, and others) I've gotten more “ZZZs in the Trees” with my Treeboat than all the others combined. In the jungles of Panama, the temple grounds in Japan, the Na Pali coast on Kauai, the mangrove swamps of Jamaica, the redwoods of California, the banyan trees of Taiwan or my favorite white oaks of Atlanta, the Treeboat is my "zafu" that connects me to the natural world while blending into the surroundings in a peaceful way.


Not only is Treeboat my preferred treetop bed, it is also my choice for those days when I stay on the ground. I've gotten rid of my tent and whenever I go hiking I bring my Treeboat along. It's much easier to find a spot to tie it up than to find flat ground for a tent, and it’s much quicker to set up so I’m not wasting my precious outdoors time.


In my opinion, for overall performance the Treeboat "stands above" all the others. Thank You New Tribe!



Tim Kovar


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