June 24 - 30, 2007

by Tree Week Graduate William Bennett

Will Bennett and Eric Ashbrook enjoy one of the highlights of Tree Week

I just finished Tree Week with Tree Climbing Northwest's Tim Kovar. I have been a loving admirer of trees since my youth and have wanted to learn to climb trees for 15 years. I can't express how fortunate I feel to have learned from Tim. Although I have not had the opportunity to meet other climbing instructors I think that I learned from a master and one of the most experienced tree climbers in the world.


Tree climbing is not an activity that you want to experiment with or learn by trial and error. Tim and the fine people at New Tribe have made tree climbing safety, equipment and technique their main focus for years and it really showed in this class.


The BTCC portion of the course is the backbone of all tree climbing and I left the class with confidence to begin my own tree climbing adventures.


The Rigging course introduced methods of bringing gear up into the canopy as well as setting up a surprisingly comfortable New Tribe Treeboat in the canopy. We slept in the arms of a wonderful Walnut Tree named Ed and enjoyed each other’s company under the stars.


Then it was on to the Intro to SRT class. In this class we learned about the various devices available for ascending and descending, rope selection, additional knots as well as the safe way to change from ascending to descending the tree.


To top it all off like a big fat cherry on a sundae we finished the week with an SRT climb into an incredible Pine tree in the nearby forest. What impressed me the most was the way Tim made covering the rather large amount of material manageable and calm throughout the week. I was also impressed with the respect and concern for the well being of the trees that was woven throughout all that we learned.


William Bennett