July 30 - August 5, 2006

by Tree Climbing Instructor Tim Kovar

The first of many climbs together for William, Kimberly, and Jay

(see more photos below...)

July Tree Week brought folks together from opposite sides of our planet. William and Kimberly are a couple who came to Oregon from Taiwan, and Jay traveled from Saudi Arabia. Everyone arrived a day early, with time to recover from jet lag while the summer heat cooled down. Then the four of us took to the canopy for a week-long adventure of learning, experiencing, growing, laughing and building a treemendous relationship within ourselves and with our new-found friends.


The group dynamic was as rewarding as the class itself. Class started every day at 9:00 am and would sometimes go on until 8:00 pm or later, only coming to an end because we had all reached the limit of our energy for that day.


As Jay said when I asked him how he felt at the end of the week, “Well used!”


I want to thank William, Kimberly and Jay for traveling around the globe to participate in Tree Climbing Northwest’s Tree Week. I tip my helmet to you all. I await reports on how you pursue the adventure of tree climbing at home in your own countries.


Here's a reflection of the magic that the trees brought to four strangers from around the world and transformed them into four like-hearted souls. 


There’s magic in them trees.


Kimberly inspecting the crown before placing her rope.

Jay heading toward the Treeboat.

Kimberly says it all. This is what tree climbing is about.



Jay chillin’ in the canopy. He has been living in Saudi Arabia

for over 10 years. He’s enjoying the shade.

William and Kimberly own an outdoor store in Taipei, Taiwan.

Their love for the outdoors really shows up in this photo.


Kimberly getting ready for her first nocturnal arboreal experience.

This is a highlight of every Tree Week—ZZZZs in the Trees.

Waking up to a cool Oregon morning.

The night was crystal clear with brilliant stars.


Group shot at New Tribe—Tim, Kimberly, William and Jay

 A special class trip to the redwoods. We had a nice looooong hike through the forest and a great dinner afterwards.



Student comments about Tree Week

“We were introduced to and had the opportunity to practice all subjects listed in the program of instruction. The instructor demonstrated several techniques that accomplished a particular aspect of tree climbing and would further highlight those acceptable to TCI.” —Jay


“I enjoy the class arrangement, it’s rich but not too tired, and I learn much than I want.” —Kimberly


“Very good and can practice with learning by doing. I like this very much.” —William

Student comments about Tim Kovar

“100% knowledgeable in all aspects of climbing, arboriculture and environmental protection. Instructor went beyond the mechanical aspects of climbing and created an atmosphere of respect for the forest and all things living. Excellent training from start to finish!” —Jay


“Excellent! Tim is a very good instructor who really teach lots of information and techniques to me.” —William


“My instructor Tim is very patient, he taught us many ways to resolve conditions.” —Kimberly