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Tree climbing


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Tree Climbing Organizations, USA

Tree Climbing Planet

This is the site for Tim Kovar's world-wide tree climbing instruction and adventures. Tim is a thorough, patient teacher with an exacting curriculum. We see his students emerge with top-notch climbing skills and a wide new appreciation for trees, the natural world, and themselves. Tim is more than a superb technician with a gift for teaching. He also knows the nature of trees and reveals how to make a connection with them that creates profound life-changing experiences.

Canopy Climbers
Located in Gainesville, Florida, Canopy Climbers founder Danny Lyons leads unforgettable tree climbing adventures. Their beautiful website says " Tree climbing is fun, safe and thrilling for everyone. It's a great way to reconnect with nature and adventure. Tree climbing reduces stress, deepens our appreciation for nature and provides an exciting way to enjoy the outdoors." Scroll down to see dazzling photos of trees, climbers, and lots of New Tribe saddles and Treeboat hammocks. We are proud to have a part in this exciting organization!

Dancing with Trees
In rural north Georgia, Genevieve Summers offers tree climbing adventures, a variety of tree climbing courses, Girl Scout badge program, and guided climbs. Genevieve is a competent and spirited climbing instructor who earned her credentials through Tree Climbers International in Atlanta. She celebrates trees with reverence and joy, bringing a soulfulness to climbing that makes it a life-changing experience for those who share it with her.

Tree Climbers International

This is the home of Tree Climbers International, Peter Jenkins’ dream come true. Peter was the first to popularize technical tree climbing as a recreational activity that everyone can enjoy. We are especially grateful for the message board here, which over the years has become a strong forum for tree climbers to share technical tips, connect with each other, and describe awesome climbs.

Tree Climbing Colorado
Harv "Ponderosa" Teitelbaum has organized a Tree Climber's International grove in Evergreen, Colorado. With his extensive love and knowledge of nature, Harv makes a strong leader for tree climbing in his area and beyond. His site is chock full of helpful information about trees, climbing, and the relationship between people and nature. Tree Climbing Colorado posts a calendar of events and classes, and hosted the 2007 Tree Climbing Rendezvous!

Blue Ridge Tree Climbing

Bob Wray of Meadows of Dan, VA, is a longtime friend of New Tribe, of new tree climbers, and certainly of the trees themselves. We are delighted to learn that his climbing school is represented online at this link address. The more people who make a connection with Bob, the better. Bob is a kindred spirit whose love of trees and climbing will inspire you. Congratulations to Blue Ridge Tree Climbing!


Co-founders Shelly Steffen-Byrne and Bill Byrne have day jobs, but we wonder when EarthJoy will be taking up all their time, taking people up into the trees. For now, they are busy with tree climbers every weekend with magical results. Their pitch:

Rejuvenate yourself and your purpose!!
Northern Kentucky's First Recreational Tree Climbing!
We design fun and challenging playgrounds in nature

where you feel safe to be totally yourself, connecting to trees, nature and others. 

You will never look at trees or yourself the same again! 

Tree for All
Founded by our friend Hank Blaustein in Roswell, GA, Tree for All employs TCI trained instructors facilitating introductory recreational tree climbing across north Georgia and metro Atlanta.  Classes are offered through Roswell Recreation & Parks as well as independently; providing birthday, corporate team-building, scouting, club and family “soft-adventures” celebrating trees and the natural environment.

Tree Climbing USA
Fayetteville, GA is the place where Abe Winters runs his school for tree climbing. He created Vision of E.Y.E., a character-building youth program that takes kids into the trees to bring out their best. Abe keeps an active schedule of climbing classes, gatherings and expeditions.

South Georgia Tree Climbing Association

Steve Waldorf is a TCI-trained facilitator offering tree climbs and adventures in Fitzgerald, GA. The South Georgia Tree Climbing Association is building a membership of climbers of all ages who love to "get high" together in the trees.

Treeclimbing North Carolina

Cameron "Icabod" Taylor founded this tree climber's grove in Kannanpolis, NC. Cam is a well-known voice on the tree climber message boards, and his passion for trees and climbing makes him good company in the canopy.

Tree Climbing Kansas City

This is the tree climbing grove headed by Dan House, Becki Peterson and Stan Stalnaker. If you've been fortunate enough to attend the Tree Climbers Rendezvous in years past, you will know these folks as passionate climbers with a quirky sense of fun that makes the shared tree experience a very happy thing.

Pathfinder Outdoor Education, Inc.

Pathfinder is a non-profit experiential education group in St Petersburg, FL. They include tree climbing in their curriculum of programs that promote community and personal wholeness for their clients. We have long known how trees can inspire positive change in people's hearts and minds. Pathfinder is making that connection. Check it out!

Tree Trek Adventures

Bill Maher, Joe Maher, and Jeff Newman operate this school offering training and facilitated adventures in tree climbing. Their location is the "Maher Farm" in Cumming, GA. Joe also regularly organizes expeditions to climb in the jungles of Panama. And Jeff is the creator of our favorite new tree entry device, the Rogue Sidewinder, among other smart new ideas in tree climber tools.

Tree Climber's Coalition

This organization works to address the common concerns and interests of all tree climbers together in one place.

Highlights of the site include Canopy Chatter, an active message board, and Who's Who, a listing of many of the folks who are making a difference in the tree climbing world.

Pacific Tree Climbing Institute

Based in Eugene, OR, Pacific Tree Climbing Institute, LLC, offers guided tree climbing experiences in the Pacific Northwest for adventure and personal growth.


Tree Climbing Organizations, International

Tree Climbing Japan
These sites are all part of John Gathright’s gift to the web. Johnsan is one inspired and dedicated person changing the world through his love of people and trees, and his passion for sustainability. Through Treehab, Johnsan is helping physically challenged people reach new heights by giving them the opportunity to climb trees. Johnsan is an integral part of the New Tribe family. Check out his sites, and you’ll see why.

Tree Climbing Canada

Andrew "Flying Squirrel" Swannell is a professional arborist and recreational climber who shares his passion for trees in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada. A trained climbing instructor and facilitator, Andrew offers technical tree climbing training, adventures and parties for all ages. Check out his schedule for the summer 2016 climbing season for an idea of how Tree Climbing Canada builds a connection between trees and people at community events and in private climbs both day and night.

"Tap into your inner child and climb trees you never thought imaginable in an exciting yet safe way with us. This is a unique way to enjoy nature and challenge yourself while taking in

incredible views only seen by birds and animals."

Turismo Trekana

Visit Turismo Trekana on Facebook

Erika Munoz heads this goup taking visitors out into nature and up into the trees. Erika has the warm heart and happy attitude that make for delightful company.  Her project Trekana is a prime destination for celebrating in the trees of Chile.

Tree Climbers Australia

After Russ Tomlin finished his work in Tree Climbing Northwest's TCI Facilitator Program, he returned to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia to bring home the joy of tree climbing. He has now established Tree Climbers Australia providing tree climbing training and adventures there. Visit his website to see how he's doing it, and be sure to read his report about his experience in Oregon with Tree Climbing Northwest.

Goodleaf Tree Climbing

Originally from New Zealand, founder Paul McCathie began as an arborist who has a great love for trees and climbing. He is internationaly respected as a leader in the field of recreational climbing. Goodleaf's home is the Isle of Wight and features both training and climbing adventures. From the website: "Goodleaf grew from Paul’s own love of climbing trees for pleasure and he has developed Goodleaf into an experience that is fun, safe, educational and unique."

Climbing Wild

Visit on Facebook at Climbing Wild


Here's another great story of an arborist who applies his expertise and joy of climbing to open up a new world to others.

Tree Climbing Italy
Sergio Ghivelder presents an informative and fun site. He offers arborist and recreational climbing courses in Italy, and his Links page is a global snapshot of world treeclimbing connections. If you want to see this site in (near) English, search Google for "" and select the "Translate this page" option.

Træ (Treeclimbing Denmark) 

Søren Black Jensen and Flemming Mumm have put together a school, guide service and store in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark. On their home page they've posted a video of an extreme swing that calls for very tall trees and a large crew of helpers to operate it. But don't worry--these folks balance all that excitement with the peacefulness of Treeboat. Træ is New Tribe's Danish distributor of Treeboat Hammocks and accessories.

The Academy for Natural Outdoor Life

This group operates in Sweden and Denmark and offers both training courses and tree climbing adventures. They say, "Climbing is joy and playful life in nature...with a view!"

Tree Climbing Holland
This is Jelte Buddingh's site that celebrates arborist work, arborist skill competitions, recreational climbing, and cat rescue. Lots of great pictures!

Camps that offer Tree Climbing

Video - Tree Climbing at Trail's Edge Camp

The folks at Arbor Quest bring tree climbing experiences to kids with disabilities at Trail's Edge Camp. They call this video "Dreams," and you can see the joy of dreams coming true in the faces of these young people as they lift out of their wheelchairs and into the trees.

YWCA Camp Cavell
For many years now our friend Jill Laidlaw and the crew at YWCA Camp Cavell near Detroit, Michigan, have been bringing tree climbing to their camp guests. The Lake Huron shore is the beautiful location of this camp, where tree climbing overnights and weekend tree climbs are among the attractions. See their website for an extensive calendar of camps and activities for all ages. It's paradise for anyone who loves trees, water activities, horses and good company.

Interesting Tree-related Stuff

Safe Tree Kids

“The SafeTreeKids initiative is meant to educate kids on the safety issues associated with trees and powerlines, as well as basic facts and tips about tree science.”


This site could save lives! It includes a game to find hidden dangers in trees, with emphasis on powerline hazards, and teaches how to respond to keep everyone safe. Interesting, informative, upbeat and fun.

Tree Life

Here's what site owner Avalon Standstall says: We have novelty items for the Arborist, Tree Worker, Utility Specialist & Tree Hugger. Caps with removable patches both front and back, durable t-shirts, decals for display on vehicles or hard hats. TREE LIFE was a seed planted by an arborist. Now a sapling business and offering these practical and novelty items for anyone who loves trees!  

The Tree Information and Reference Guide

WesSpur is a great place for one-stop-shopping when you are in the market for climb gear. It's also a good place to learn more about tree matters. Their customer service can't be beat, and shipping times are swift. New Tribe is proud that you can buy our products in Wesspur's great catalog!

TreeHouse Workshop
We enjoy our friendship with Jake Jacob and Pete Nelson of TreeHouse Workshop,

". . .where craftsmanship and artistry meet in the trees!"

"For millennia children and adults of all ages have looked to the trees in wonder and awe of the possibilities. Treehouses have always been a natural escape to solitude and a place where dreams are fulfilled. We build treehouse dreams every day. From the simplest backyard treehouses for children to the most amazing private treehomes for adults, we can design and build the perfect treehouse for you. Let us show you how you can be in a tree!"


Vertical Horizons Tree House Paradise

All the comforts of home, relocated to the gorgeous rolling woodland landscape of southern Oregon. Jodie and Phil have created a wonderland here with tree house accommodations and activities for guests including tree climbing, disc golf, whitewater rafting, hiking, and a pool.


Out'n'About Treesort

Located near New Tribe in Southwestern Oregon, Out'n'About Treehouse Treesort LLC and Treehouse Institute of Takilma offers a Bed & Breakfast in the Trees. Fifteen different treehouses for rent, horse and zipline riding available. Treehouse Ziplines tour the tree canopy or cruise the meadow. And don't forget the Tarzan Swing! Over a mile of cable and adding more! Relax or have an adventure then spend the night up a tree in safety and comfort!

Finca Bellavista - A sustainable rainforest community

New Tribe is proud to be working with The TreeHouse Workshop and the community of Finca Bellavista to help make this new sustainable forest lifestyle a reality.

"Living in the trees is a universal theme that many dream, but only a few experience...

"Now you can live with nature in all its abundance right out your front door in a unique community designed for ecologically minded, adventurous individuals. Let the wonders of the rainforest and its inhabitants guide your daily schedule. Imagine taking a plunge in the cool waters of Rio Bellavista after an invigorating rainforest hike...Riding a zip-line to meet up with friends for an evening meal or cocktail...Waking up each morning to a tropical bird symphony from a tree house nestled high in the rainforest canopy...

"Live the dream at Finca Bellavista, a tree house community nestled in the rainforest of Costa Rica."

Video - Climbing the World's Tallest Tree

Watch canopy scientist Steve Sillett enter the world of this phenomenal Coast Redwood. Steve's climbing colleague Jim Spickler narrates the piece, conveying the spirit of awe and wonder that always accompanies contemplation of these stunning trees.

Animated Knots

Here is a website that shows you, using animation, how to tie a great variety of knots, almost as good as having your climbing instructor at your side. The clips are fun to watch and really take the confusion out of your learning process. You can select any knot and study it online. You can also purchase a download or a disk if you like. This site is part of an impressive collection of websites created by the Grogono family. A visit to their sites is like a visit in person. Real friendly folks.

Middle Fork Giants

These folks are not tree climbers. We love them because they celebrate trees with the same conviction we do, knowing that when people appreciate awesome trees in old growth forests, they are moved to protect them. Visit this site and meet Brad Allen and his family, whose connection to their local wild woods is active and inspiring.

Allan Bo Jensen, Denmark

Our long-time friend Allan Bo Jensen in Denmark is an arborist and recreational tree climber who amazes us with his spirited, skillful sculptures in wood. The images of his work on these pages are sure to have an impact on you. Don't miss them. You'll also enjoy Allan's love of trees and climbing, and the many pages on his website that share both.

These guys make great pants and shirts with tree climbing in mind. Rugged, comfortable, and designed to make any outdoor job or play easier. And they make us laugh!

Arborsmith Studios
Arborsculptor Richard Reames grows living trees into the shapes of furniture, houses and more, here in southern Oregon near New Tribe. Beyond bonsai and topiary, his art form is a practical and creative fusion of human desire with a tree’s natural urge to grow and thrive.

You can try this at home--check out Richard's book Arborsculpture.

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