Wednesday March 22, 2023

About Us

Welcome to New Tribe!

Everyone here at New Tribe has a boundless love for the outdoors. Tree climbing has allowed us to take that love to new heights, and we are happy to offer you these tree climbing products that can help you do the same. We started out in 1984 creating tree climbing equipment for ourselves with built-in comfort, light weight and beautiful construction.

As New Tribe grows, we are constantly improving our work with input from our tree climber friends, professional tree climbers and amateurs alike. All of us on the New Tribe team work to bring you quality products and personal service. We proudly offer a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the fit, function and workmanship of your purchase. Thank you for choosing New Tribe tree climbing equipment. May your tree climbing be safe, comfortable and fun!

Why New Tribe?

Folks often ask us, "You're into tree climbing gear. Why the name New Tribe?

New Tribe includes the family of folks who work here, the larger family of you who use our tree climbing gear, and the even greater family of you who share our passion. We are inspired by the old tribes everywhere who could craft a way of life in harmony with their surroundings. We take modern tools and materials and create a way to be as at home outdoors as we are inside our homes--just like the old tribes. And we share a sense of connection with wild nature. We see each other and all creatures as kindred spirits.

New Tribe's Operating Values

* New Tribe specializes in tree climber safety and comfort. You take your tree climbing equipment seriously, and so do we.

* We build our tree climbing gear to last. The investment you make in New Tribe tree climbing gear now can bring you many years of tree climbing pleasure without repeated expense.

* We provide supreme customer service. We are available to help you learn what you want to know about tree climbing gear and tree climbing technique, before and after you buy from us.

* Our workers are experienced users of New Tribe tree climbing equipment. We understand the safety and comfort needs of tree climbers, and this shows up in our products and service.

* New Tribe tree climbing products are Made in USA by workers earning a family wage. Everywhere possible, we choose Made in USA for the materials that go into our manufactured goods.

* The quality of workmanship in New Tribe products is held to strict standards for durability and life-safety. Our Saddles have been tested by a professional testing laboratory and meet the requirements of ANSI A10.14-1991 Standard Class II, for Work Positioning.

* Your purchase of any item from the New Tribe catalog is protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a one year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Thank You!