Saturday May 15, 2021

New Tribe Tengu Saddle

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This saddle is named for Tim "Tengu" Kovar, Master Tree Climbing Instructor and founder of Tree Climbing Planet. Tim wants a saddle as lightweight and as quiet and comfortable as possible without sacrificing safety. These factors are important to a climber who wears his saddle while hiking into rough forestland, spends a lot of nights sleeping in his saddle, and wants to be ready for complicated rigging and rescue maneuvers. He also wants to vanish into his surroundings by keeping his visual and audio impact low.

The Tengu saddle combines features to deliver all these benefits.

--The padding on the Tengu is the same foam density that we use on our Arborist Saddles, providing great support without restricting movement.
--The side D rings on the belt are soft structures that trim the weight and reduce noise. They are built of the same 6000 lb parachute webbing that forms the life-safety strength of all New Tribe saddles.
--The color is black, reducing visual impact

The belt details include:
--three soft gear loops, one on each side and one at the back
--a carabiner loop behind each side gear loop
--soft side Ds
--two gaps on the belt webbing that can carry small gear bags like New Tribe Climb Buckets, or additional carabiners

The leg strap details include:
--quick-release buckles, making it easier to put on the saddle, or to open the leg straps for bathroom convenience.
--two accessory loops, one on each leg strap. These little loops come in handy for a variety of uses, since whatever you put there will be within easy reach: small gear bag, handsaw, water bottle. It is a quick place to tie the other end of your rope when double-end climbing.

Color black with grey trim.


  • Model: SDLTEL
  • Shipping Weight: 3.5lbs