Monday January 30, 2023

New Tribe TWIST for KIDS!


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At first glance this looks like the Basic Saddle that has been New Tribe's signature design for almost thirty years. It has all the same benefits as the old Basic:

--Safety with proven design and quality sewing
--Comfort with hefty pads on belt and leg loops
--Usefulness with handy rings, hooks, and loops
--Durability with sturdy materials like parachute webbing and abrasion resistant nylon canvas.

So, what's the twist? ADJUSTABILITY!

The Kids Twist is adjustable to fit people with waist measure from 19" to 32". It fits a range that runs both smaller and larger than its predecessor. The maximum adjustment on the Kids overlaps the minimum adjustment on the Adult Twist (ranging from 30" to 42"), so everybody's covered!

Note: This saddle can be adjusted to fit even smaller waists than 19", by freeing the belt pad from its keepers in front, allowing the pad to overlap as the belt webbing is cinched down smaller.

This saddle includes two carabiner loops on the belt for carrying gear such as additional climbing tools, water bottle, snack, gloves, or camera.

Made with wide 1-3/4" nylon parachute webbing rated at 6,000 lbs
Tie-in point bright red
Steel adjuster buckles
Adjustable extra small size for kids
Turned back ends keep webbing from slipping out of the buckles accidentally
Steel adjuster buckles can be opened to remove or install pads on both the belt and leg loops.

  • Model: SDLTWK
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6lbs