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New Tribe ONYX ROPE BRIDGE Arborist Saddle

I've been wearing the ONYX for work the last few days. Overall and excellent saddle; truly a cutting edge piece of gear.

A few issues I have:

1. The 'bridge rings' at each side of the rolling bridge are so wide they prevent the climber from releasing a carabiner when it is at the maximum limit of the rolling bridge's travel. When tying into a second point of safety it is difficult to detach the original tie-in if it is located at the far end of the rolling bridge.

2. The small clips along the webbing of the leg straps do a poor job of tending the slack or keeping the leg pads in position. When climbing the leg pads ride up into my crotch area more than my other New Tribe Pro-Gear type work saddle.

3. Although it has an abundance of gear loops, I haven't found one to clip my handsaw into that is in a natural position to reach. I imagine w/ some experimentation I will get used to the layout.

Some pros:

1. Extremely light weight and the belt and leg clips are really slick

2. Very comfortable and functional. I hope the price comes down after a few years!
Date Added: 02/12/2014 by Kingman Lim