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New Tribe in a Treeboat

Roxy, Sophia, Diane

Laurie, Casey, Barbara


NEW TRIBE is dedicated to meeting the equipment needs

of recreational tree climbers

These are some of the same needs that working arborists and forest research scientists share. We are proud to have many good friends in all three groups. Every tree climber is important to us. Our purpose is to provide the highest quality safety gear, to assist you to choose yours and use it safely, and to conduct our business with integrity.


New Tribe's 21st BIRTHDAY PARTY

and the 4th Annual


September 14-19, 2005

Oregon Caves National Monument

New Tribe and Tree Climbers International

invite you to join us in the Pacific Northwest

for tree climbing, learning, good fun, great company, and camping in the treetops

under the full moon!

Check it Out!

Why New Tribe?

Folks often ask us, “You're into tree climbing gear. Why the name New Tribe?  Are you guys related to Native Americans or something?”

We are a new tribe of people who

enjoy each other and our home places.

We are inspired by the old tribes everywhere who could

craft a way of life in harmony with their surroundings.

We share a sense of connection with wild nature.

We take modern tools and materials and create a way

to be as at home outdoors as we are inside our houses.

We erase the line that divides work and play.

We see each other and all creatures as kindred spirits.

Trees are the venerable elders of our world.

We go to them to give respect and find renewal.

We are full of Life.

New Tribe includes the family of folks who work here, the larger family of you who use our gear, and the even greater family of you who share our passion. Welcome to New Tribe!

Everyone here at New Tribe has a boundless love for the outdoors. Tree climbing has allowed us to take that love to new heights, and we are happy to offer you these tools and toys that can help you do the same.

We started out in 1984 creating gear for ourselves with built-in comfort, light weight and beautiful construction. Our special favorites are the New Tribe Saddle and the Treeboat Hammock. You’ll find fresh ideas in climber’s accessories, too. As New Tribe grows, we are constantly improving our work with great ideas from our climber friends, pros and amateurs alike. You’ll see their names throughout this catalog. To round out our line, we’ve collected our favorite choices in ropes, pulleys, carabiners and links from the best manufacturers in the field, so you can find everything you want right here.

All of us on the New Tribe team work to bring you quality products and personal service. We proudly offer a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the fit, function and workmanship of your purchase. From Sophia Sparks, Viola Brumbaugh, Barbara Rodriguez, Casey Jones, Diane Floyd, Laurie Prouty, and Roxy Sincerny, thank you for choosing New Tribe. May your climbing be safe, comfortable and fun!

Sophia made her first technical tree climb at age 39, and found a wealth of spirit in the crown of a tree. To her, the joy and fun of climbing builds a bridge of connection between people and trees that benefits them both.

Back in 1984, Sophia’s excellence in sewing and pattern drafting teamed up with co-founder Tom Ness’ inventiveness and tree care experience to create the rugged, comfortable gear that launched the New Tribe product line. Tom has moved on and created The Weed Wrench Company. Sophia now heads New Tribe’s passionate staff as we continue to bring you great gear for tree climber safety, comfort and fun.








New Tribe's Operating Values

• New Tribe specializes in tree climber safety, comfort and fun. You take your equipment seriously, and so do we.

• We build our gear to last. Some of our products are still safely in service after nearly 20 years. The investment you make in New Tribe gear now can bring you many years of tree climbing pleasure without repeated expense.

• We provide supreme customer service. We are available to help you learn what you want to know about gear and climbing technique, before and after you buy from us.

• All of our workers are experienced users of New Tribe equipment. We understand the safety and comfort needs of tree climbers, and this shows up in our products and service.

• New Tribe products are Made in USA by workers earning a family wage. Everywhere possible, we choose Made in USA for the materials that go into our manufactured goods.

• Non-USA manufacturers represented in our catalog (Petzl in France and USA, Peguet in France, Hugh Banner in Wales) all hire local workers.

• The quality of workmanship in New Tribe products is held to strict standards for durability and life-safety. Our Saddles have been tested by a professional testing laboratory and meet the requirements of ANSI A10.14-1991 Standard Class I for Fall Arrest/Restraint and Class II, for Work Positioning.

• Your purchase of any item from the New Tribe catalog is protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

• In all our activities, New Tribe strives to deserve  your trust. You trust us with your money because

you trust us with your life.

    If you've known New Tribe for a few years, you'll remember when our gear was a lot cheaper. In our enthusiasm to outfit everyone who wants to climb a tree, we set prices quite low, using a “seat-of-the-pants” method that didn't allow for the realities of running a business. Over time, we have changed our prices to keep pace with cost increases, and to bring our prices more in line with the real value of our goods, and with sound business practice for the health of the company. We've done this again in August, 2004. Thank you for appreciating the excellence we create at New Tribe, and for supporting American small manufacturers who pay a family wage.

Thank You!

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